Quality politics

Offer customers a professional technical service to accomplish their specifications and ensure the functionality of the parts they will manufacture from our models.

Becoming a reference company in Catalonia in the sector.

We guide our entire strategy to accomplish the expectations of customers and other interested parties. To do so, we ensure that we maintain our identity in all the actions we carry out through the following values:

• Loyalty, enthusiasm and creativity with what we commit ourselves to and what we end up doing.
• Commitment to the client to understand what adds value.
• Commitment to comply with the legal requirements that apply to our activity.
• Provide a quality service in all our activities.
• Commitment to the continuous improvement of our service and to carry out technological surveillance at the level of equipment and materials.
• Confidence in our possibilities and knowledge.
• Professionalism and confidentiality of our team and collaborators.
• Honesty with the client and suppliers.
• Responsibility when assuming our obligations and responsibilities.
• Work as a team based on mutual respect and trust.

Giorgio Gomez General Management Model Pórex, S.L.